General facts:
• Country in North America
• 2nd largest country
• 36 million people, like the half of Germany
• Head of state is the Queen
• Capital is Ottawa
• Biggest city: Toronto (nearly 2.5 people) Berlin: 4 million
• Language: French and English
• 6 time zones

• Aboriginals (=Inuit, First Nations [Canadian Indians]) lived there for thousand years
• Today only 4,4%
• Get “Nunavut” in 1999
o Means “Our land”
o As big as west Europe
o 30k people live there
• Many Aboriginal People live in hole Canada
• Vikings were the first Europeans
• 1497 John Cabot from Bristol landed in Newfoundland (east coast)
• In the 16th century Canada become a French colony (New France)
• French settlers lived near Mont Real
• 1763: Canada got British
• Today most people speak French
• Mont Real become Montreal, the 2nd largest city in Canada
• Get formally independent on 17th April 1982

• Many people from all over the world
• Multicultural
• Vancouver is called “Hongcouver” or “Vankong” sometimes (many Asian people)
• 40% in Toronto belongs to ethnic minorities
• Emergency calls (=Notrufe) can be made in 80 languages

• Influenced music in Europe (Rock & Pop)
• Brian Adams, Leonard Cohen, Justin Bieber, Nickelback, Steppenwolf
• Produces films there
• Call it sometimes “The Nothern Hollywood”
• Pamela Anderson, Micheal J Fox,

Englischer Vortrag über Kanada
Wissen verdoppelt sich, wenn man es teilt.
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