13 colonies that became the us were british
revolutions to become independent
caused by new taxation

Sugar Act
mainly raising tariff of sugar
enforce existing tariffs
protests lead to a scaling back by the british

Stamp Tax
taxes on all official documents
protests not only because of the money, but also was visible every day

Prime Minister Rockingham replaced with William Pitt
Pitt was popular in colonies
opposed Stamp Act
colonists should have the same rights as british citizens
Pitt became sick → Charles Townshend took over
wanted new taxes and no rights for colonists
boycotts in colonies
non importation of british goods
british importation dropped by the half
British troops land in Boston
4000 troops
Boston massacre
armed clash between colonists and British troops
Townshend act repealed
less taxes
but still taxes on tea
Boston Tea Party
tea could only be sold by the East India Tea Company
unloaded in Boston
thousands of Bostonians came to the harbor
50 people, dressed as Indians, threw 90,000 pounds of tea overboard
Coercive Acts imposed
Boston harbor closed until East India Tea Company received compensation
royal governor took control over Massachusetts
4.July 1776 Independence
weak government
states got the most power
Federal Constitution

Colonies in the US before the Independence
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