The 60s….a crazy time!

The youth (high school students, college students, artists)

– … criticizes the American way of life, meaning:
> politics of power
> Vietnam war
> McCarthyism:_______________________________________
– … questions the ideals of wealth and refuses to fit into a society with taboos:
> civil rights movement
> feminism
> gays are no more ashamed and go into public
> sex is not dirty”
> taking drugs is no reason to go into jail”
– hippie movement started in San Francisco
> hippies often associated with communism, anarchism -> WRONG!
– every country has ist own problems / issues at this time à Germany: 68-movement


Flower Power!

– motto: “Make love, not war!” -> dream of liberty, peace and love
– flowers are symbol for peace and -> deep association to nature -> colorful

Woodstock Festival (1969)

– climax of 60s
– festival for peace and music- original a commercial idea: Michael Lang wanted to make money
– they expected 60,000 visitors – 400,000 came
> chaotic days ( medicine, toilets,…)
> traffic jams -> actors had to be flown in
> bands had to improvise
> free consumption of drugs
– first no financial success -> made money with cds, videos

–> Hippie time “ended” when it turned from a little group into a mass of people (1967)

Woodstock …The Climax Of The Hippie Movement
Wissen verdoppelt sich, wenn man es teilt.
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