Theodore Dreiser
“Shakespeare, I come!” – Last words, 28 December 1945

Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser was born on the 17th of August, 1871 in Sullivan, Indiana. He was a representative of the naturalism.
Dreiser grew up in a German-American and strict religious family. After he flunked out the Indiana University at Bloomington in 1890 he started working as a journalist for the newspapers “Chicago Globe” and “St. Louis Globe-Democrat”. He married Sarah White in 1892. They separated 17 years later without a divorce.
His first novel “Sister Carrie” was published in 1900 but it sold poorly. Further works were “Jennie Gerhardt”, “An American Tragedy” and the “Trilogy of Desire”. “An American Tragedy” is Dreiser’s most popular work telling the story of Clyde Griffiths, who has troubles with women. It was picturized twice in 1931 and 1951.
Dreiser’s writing style contains long sentences and an intense attention to details. He deals with social problems in big cities like inequality, drugs and love.
He died on the 28th of December, 1945 in Los Angeles, California.

Theodore Dreiser
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