Tasmanian tiger

His binomial name is Thylacinus cynocephalus. The Tasmanian tiger
hasn’t only one name, he also named as thylacine (most times), tasmanian wolf, Tassie tiger or simply the tiger. It has so much names because every time when somebody sees him, he think it looks like an other animal and so he has all this names.

The tasmanian tiger was the biggest carnivorous animal in Australia.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Tasmanian tiger are the last member of it genius Thylacinus. He is in the order of Dasyuromorphia and in the family of Thylacinidae, which are now become extinct.
His size was 85 to 130 centimeter and he has a weight from
15 to 30 kg. His shoulder height was 60 centimeter and he has 13 to 19 brown-black strips. Around his eyes and his ears, he has white hair. He has 46 tooth and he looks like a member of the familie of the dogs. Special is that the thylacine can open his mouth in an angle of 90 degrees. He has five toes and was a digitigrade.
He can run 40 kilometers in one hour.

When the European landed in Australia the Tasmanian tiger lives only on Tasmania, before that time the Tasmanian Tiger lives also in Australia and in Papua New Guinea. They have been nocturnal. The Tasmanian tiger was a reclusive animal and not aggressive.

The Tasmanian tiger eats small kangaroos, like wolabys; mammel, rabbits and birds. The farmers think they killed and eat their sheeps.
But the most sheeps were killed by wildness dogs.

In Tasmania at the beginning of the 19 century lives much Tasmanian Tiger, because the Dingo hasn’t lived there. In the year 1830 the parlament gives for every Tasmanian tigers head a 25 cent reward.
In the course of the time, the Tasmanian tiger becomes rare. The last Tasmanian tiger died in the night from the 6. to 7. of september 1936 in the Beaumaris Zoo of Hobart, which is on the Tasmanian island. In the same year, a few months earlier, the parlament of Tasmania trademark the Tasmanian Tiger and 1966 they arranged a sure area in the south west of Australia. Today the Tasmanian tiger has become extinct.

In 2005 a Australian news magazine, named The Bulletin, wrote that they would pay 1,75 million australian dollars for a living Tasmanian tiger.
But nobody catched or has seen a Tasmanian tiger.


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Tasmanian Tiger
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