Ireland is a little isle, which is divided into two parts: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
In the east it is surrounded by the Irish See and in the west and south there is the Atlantic Ocean

A huge part of this little isle is their history.
The Celtics who arrived in 300 B.C. in Ireland came from the east and they left their culture and language in Ireland. Today you can still find a form of celtic language there.
In the eight and ninth centuries the Vikings came to Ireland but they were completely different from the Celtics. They plundered the land, the churches and more.
In 1171 the English invaded Ireland and gained control. The English had the domain in Ireland. Their laws banned all Irish traditions and education. From 1801 – 1921 Ireland was part of the United Kingdom. A big part of their history is the Northern Ireland conflict. In the 17th century was the Plantation of Ulster. 17th century they took the Catholics’ land and gave it to the Protestants from England. In 1921 Ireland became divided in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland still belongs to the UK but even though the country was divided and a part of Ireland was independent they still fought. In 30th January, 1972 was a very sad day in Irish history. On this Sunday the Irish made a demonstration for their civil rights and against the English government in Derry. The army shot in the unarmed crowd consequently 14 people died and much more were injured. On the 10th April, 1998 they made the Good Friday Agreement. It’s an arrangement between the government of the Republic of Ireland, the government of Great Britain and parties from Northern Ireland. Most of the British troops were sent back in their own country. In spite of the Good Friday Agreement the armed battle wasn’t until 2005. The Northern Ireland Conflict claimed at least 3480 victims and there is still violence between them.
Their National holiday is on 17th of March. It’s the St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick was the first Christian missionary in Ireland. Irish people from all over the world are going to celebrate it and on this day everything is green.
Ireland is also famous for its music descended from the Celtic music. It is well known because of its typical instruments like the fiddle. The fiddle is playing a wild Irish style. Furthermore, you can often hear a tin whistle und a harp, which is the oldest Irish instrument. The music is also connected with the dance. The Irish made the Step Dance.

The emblems of Ireland are the shamrock and the leprechauns and the Celtic crosses. The leprechauns are little men with green clothes and red hair. Fairies tell that they bring luck if you catch one but they are also very tricky. If you catch one don’t let him get out of your eyes otherwise they’ll escape and you won’t get their pot of gold.
Most of the land is very low except from the middle and the coast. The middle is filled with many hills and on the coast are steep cliffs. Most of the land is grassland where many sheep graze.

The biggest cities in Ireland are Dublin and Belfast, where you can find a lot of sights like the St. Patrick’s Cathedral which was built in 1191. The Kilmainham Goal is a prison that was built in 1796 for the people who wanted independence from England. The prison was closed in 1924 after Ireland was independent today it is a museum. Or you can cross the “Half-Penny-Bridge”. It got its name from the middle ages where the folk had to pay duty for crossing the bridge. But there are even more sights to see.
At last they have some food specialties, for example, the Irish stew.
The Irish people are also very famous for their alcohol, the Whisky and the dark beer.
The Irish like to drink and dance and they’re proud of their culture.

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Ireland – the green isle
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