New Zealand
In general:
Official language: English
Capital City: Wellington
Form of government: parliamentary monarchy
Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II. of New Zealand
Area: 268,680 km²
Population: 4,268,900 inhabitants
Currency: New Zealand-Dollar

The flag: (PICTURE)

The map: (PICTURE)

The Climate: (PICTURE)

– In New Zealand the weather can change very much in just one day
– The summer is from December to February
– The winter is from June to August
– The spring is from September to November
– The autumn is from March to May
– The Climate is calculated by the mountains and the sea

The geographic lay: (PICTURE)

– The majority of the population is Christian (~81 percent)
– There are little Hindu and Buddhist Communities

Transport sector:
– Big cities: plane, train, bus
– Between the southern isle and the northern isle: ferry

School System:
– The school attendance is for free
– Primary school: 5 years
– General or trade-specific school: 6 years
School attendance is finished
– Upper school: 2 years
High school or College

The landscape:
– Highest mountain: Mt Cook (3,754 m)
– Longest river: Waikato (425 km)
– Biggest glacier: Tasman (29 km)
– Highest Vulcan: Mt Ruapehu (2,797 m)
– Biggest lake: Taupo (606 km²)
– Biggest & hottest fount of the world: Frying Pan Lake (200°C & 38,000 m²)

New Zealand
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