The book started with Anne’s13th Birthday.
At that day she became this diary.
Anna had a younger sister who was sixteen years old and she had about thirty people that she can call her friends.
In her diary she told about her life in Holland after the Germans had arrived. The Jews aren’t allowed to go to the same school like the others and of course they aren’t allowed to use the public transports.
She not only told about the war she also told about a boy called Hello , who had been her boyfriend before her life changed. One day her sister got a call and they wanted to take her away from her family . On 9th July they started a new life in their hiding place because they didn’t want to spilt up.
Their hiding place was called Secret Annex.
A few days later another family arrived at the house.
The van Daans with their little son Peter.
Peter was 15 years old and a very shy boy.
At first he wasn’t very interested for Anne , but later they fall in love. Anna often spends time with him, but his mother didn’t like that. The life in the Secret Annex was very difficult because they often didn’t know how to become food. They often only had potatoes to eat . but sometimes Anne thought about people who had no warm bed to sleep.
On the morning of 4th August 1944, a car arrived at 263 Priesengracht, the address of the Secret Annexe.
German said police arrested the eight people who were hiding in the house. They all died in concentration camps only Anne’s dad died not.
He had protected the diary of his daughter and later he showed it the world.

Anne Frank Englisch
Wissen verdoppelt sich, wenn man es teilt.
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