Shall extreme sport became illegally?

(First introduction:) In the past few years extreme sports have become a popular amusement. To the youth/people who want to try/test/practise these activities daily life seems somewhat(ein bisschen, ein wenig)/a little bit boring/too safely/quiet. They are looking for ways to experience thrills. Base-jumping and sky-surfing are very/extreme dangerous, however, and the number of deaths reported is serious. Is it alright/acceptable/correct that people are allowed to risk their life in this way, or should some extreme sports be made illegal? That is no easy matter to answer/a serious matter/question, but with the following arguments we can balance pros and cons to find a possible solution/ build an opinion.

(Second introduction:) A common opinion is, that extreme sports are very dangerous and people, who practise that are crazy. They disagree with such activity and want to prevent her legality.
Compared with it, other people like and admire such sports. They think, it is a test of courage to do base-jumping or else like that and want to try it. But which opinion is the popularest? Can you say, that the first or second page is the correct or unacceptable one ? This discussion may answer your questions and find a possible solution.

On the one side extreme sports often end with the death, because there are not enough red flags which warn people about the following hazard. Extreme sports are looking easy. But people doing such activities are careless, because there are hidden many dangers with and without professional training. So, you can hear about many people died (during doing that sports) who did perform sports like that. Those adults are no good role models for the youth and don’t demonstrate examplary attitude.

But then base-jumping or free-climbing is very funny and exiting. While doing that sports, you are concentrated, a little bit scared but at the same time you are enthusiastic and have a lot of fun. Getting a thrill and testing their limits is what people (need and) want to.
Daily risks are an important part in our life. Daily humans drive to work by car, often faster than 100hp. So why not in the air, on mountains or in the sea? If you compare this two activities – in which of both do more people die? Many women and men think they are safe in their life, but that is not true. Supposing that extreme sports are going to become illegal(ly), many people will feel pressed and straitened, because they won’t be free. The statue of liberty represents (the) freedom of america in a way nobody can overlook or ignore.
The government can’t enact a law, which forbits extreme sports, because it is not controllable. However, such an acting constricts the personality development. There is no article in the american constitution like the first one in the german basic law. ‘Humans dignity is inviolable!’ With that statement ‘Do not do extreme sports, because it is illegal.’, you sin against that foundation of human rights, because people can not do what they want to, can’t live free.
Suicide isn’t punishable. That assertion/argument means, that you can hurt yourself without getting punishment. You’re allowed to risk your life, to kill or (to) hurt yourself.
To sum things up I would say that extreme sports are dangerous, but allowed. People can do what they want to, but I hope they will practise a lot and are aware of the danger before starting to climb without a rope, dive without an oxygen bottle or such intents.
I think everywhere in life are risk. Accepting them, we have to take care of us, but at the same time our life should/shall not be too boring. The change and risk is what we need, it makes our life so interesting.

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Comment – Extreme Sports
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