Handout: Feminism( in the United States)

1.Central topics of feminism:

– equality between man and woman
– suffrage
– violence against women
– sexual self-dertermination
– abortion
– relationship to other social movements like the
-peace movement


2. Definition of women’s movement

Women’s movement (also known as the feminist movement) is a social movement that fights for the rights of women in society.There are three main movements.

3. First wave of the women’s movement( end of the 18th century till the middle of the 19th century)

– first beginnigs of feminism developed in the age of enlightment
– french revolution (1789)–> equality between man and woman became topic
– first wave started because of the anti-slavery movement –> recognised that blacks and women have not the same rights as the white men à many women(Harriet Tubman) helped afro americans to escape
– 1848 the “Seneca Falls Declaration” was written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott à arranged to the declaration of independens
– members were called suffragetts

4. Secound wave of the women’s movement (from 1960 till 1970’s)

-inspired by the movement against the Vietnam War the charackteristic of this wave: – seminars about the suppression of the women( “Consciousness Raising”)
-many theories of suppression
-> with new consciouness found jobs à there they supported the equalization
– men movements against feminism were founded (“blacklash)
– but also men supported the women and agreed to their opinions

5. Third wave of the women’s movement (1990 till now)

-reaction to the arising anti feminism
– nearly the same aims as the secound wave but adapted to the time
– they founded bands like riot grrrl and assembled


6..General Achievements

– suffrage(USA 1918, 1920)
– right to work
– equality in payment(equal pay for equal work)
– the right to initiate divorce proceedings
– right of abortion(important to become more independent)
– reached that some of their ideas or principles are no longer seen as feminst
– institutions for women and against violence
– education for every woman/girl

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Feminism( in the United States)
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