Did you ever try to imagine a world without paverstones?

No, I don’t think so!

You think it goes without saying that there are enough paverstones for us all!

Just imagine:

– muddy, watery, soggy streets
– dirty shoes after every single rainshower
– hundret heels of lady-shoes sticking in every square yard ground
– one billion traps to stumble on the way to your working place
– insects crawling over your shoes
– bicycle-tracks deeper than 5 inches

and much more you can’t think of!!

Can you imagine this dreadfull szene?

The world would sink into chaos!

Don’t underestimate the importance of paverstones!

Did you ever confront with the problem of global warming?
Do you know about the fatal effects of such an developmen to our poor paverstones?

The population of paverstones rises with increasing sunlight.

Their sensitive sexual organs are attacked by the aggrassive ultraviolett light.

When they feel endangered, they use to produce as many children as possible because their nature does not allow them to flee. They have to reproduce themselves.

The problem is, that little groups of paverstones live together in harmony, but if they are too many they begin to struggle and argue and in the end they eat each other until they are completly extincted.

We have to save and rescue our paverstones or the world we are living in will become completly different to the world we know!

But what shall we do?

– Keep the streets clean, because your rubbish destroys the natural balance of the paverstones!
– Take an umbrella (or two) whenever you can!
– Build roofs over the paths in your garden!
– Or force scientists to develop a chemical to put over the paverstones to keep the ultraviolet light away!

Demonstrate for paverstones!!!

Funny speech about paverstones
Wissen verdoppelt sich, wenn man es teilt.
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