People: ghosts walk in houses (experienced fortune or misfortune)
Right: many castles in Ireland
more castles in Ireland than in Wales, England and Scotland
end of the 12th to the beginning of the 17th century: 3000 constructions were built
Today the ruins on fields, on edges of dangerous reefs or between modern buildings
castles were destroyed (Irish Independence War)
had to be rebuilt in last years
some ghost stories were developed (talent of Irishmen to tell tales)

Malahide Castle:

Near calm town Malahide (situated on the ocean): huge castle
elected in the 12th century and stayed for almost 800 years in possession of family Talbot
history of Talbot family: recorded in the Great Hall (portraits of generations of the family tell their own story of Ireland’s stormy history)
additions have been made to romantic and beautiful structure and contours of the surrounding parklands have changed little in 800 years
consequence of an annex: seems to be a fairy-tale castle
park with its 109 ha: ideal recreation area
Small paths lead through forests and over meadows or playgrounds
picnic area can be found here as well as a cricket ground, tennis courts or a golf court
Malahide Castle: many ghostly traditions
Many historic castles: one ghost, some two or three, but Malahide Castle: five
want to tell only about two of them

first one: the ghost of Lord Galtrim (was killed in the 15th century in battle on his wedding day)
wanders through the castle at night pointing to spear wound in his side and crying dreadful groans
wants to show us his resentment towards his young bride (married his rival immediately after he had given up his life)

In Malahide Castle: hall with a low door: place where my second and the most famous ghost of castle likes to appear
called Puck
just 1,20m short and wears a long, bristly beard
Puck lived 15th century
slight size: he was disabled
was used as night watcher
special liking for alcohol
One night: fell asleep, as a result of drinking too much alcohol
did not recognize: enemy fell upon the castle to assault it
Puck’s shame about neglect of duty was so big that he hanged himself
Since that time: has been living there as a ghost
last time he was seen: in 1976 (the castle had to be sold)

Carrickfergus Castle:

Construction of castle began in 1180
built on a rock with view to harbour
Today: oldest intact stone castle of Ireland and can be enjoyed by visitors wanting to learn more about its history
Carrickfergus Castle greets all visitors with its strength and menace
represents over 800 years of military might
besieged by the Scots, Irish, English and French
Carrickfergus Castle: a self-guiding facility
Information boards around the Castle allow you to explore this historic monument
Guided tours: available if you book before your visit
Throughout years: special demonstrations and exhibitions take place (give a taste of what life was like for those who lived in Carrickfergus Castle)

In the 1760s: soldier named Robert Rainey saved there
known for his unbridled being
fell in love with a woman and swore that he would give up his unbridled manner, if she married him
woman agreed, but Rainey didn’t know, that his wife had an affair with his officer’s brother
Just he heard that, killed his rival with his sword
wounded person: still enough time to inform his brother about the events, but he told him a wrong name: Timothy Lavery (had a big similarity to the real assassin)
Lavery was condemned to death
He already had neck in sling, he swore that he would visit castle as a ghost

Dunluce Castle:

On rock and protected by reefs stands isolated ruin of Dunluce Castle
Its look: very weird and overwhelming
built in the 14th century by Richard de Burgh in near of the little town Dunluce
besieged very often, but always without success
in 1584 a Scott named Sorley Boy MacDonnell conquered

ghostly “White lady” (whose hazy figure walks through the castle): daughter of the owner family
Once her father forbade her to marry the man she loved
Died (her broken heart)

Today castle is accustomed of its calm period, but sometimes its former inhabitants make trips out of the other world and remind us of the castle’s past
Some visitors: report of invisible form they had seen

from “The Fairies”
by William Allingham

They took her lightly back
Between the night and morrow,
They thought that she was fast asleep,
But she was dead with sorrow.
They have kept her ever since
Deep within the lake,
On a bed of flag-leaves,
Watching till she wake.


“Spukschlösser in England und Irland” by Richard Jones
“Irland” by Lisa Gerhard-Sharp & Tim Perry

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Irish castles and their mystic tales
Wissen verdoppelt sich, wenn man es teilt.
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