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What is Mesa Verde?
Mesa Verde is a worldwide famous national park. You can see many cliff dwellings built by the hands of the Native Americans many centuries ago. It’s granted by UNESCO to save the remains of the dwellings. It’s the #1 historic monument in the world in the opinion of the readers of Conde Nast Traveler and was chosen by National Geographic Traveler as one of the “50 places of a Lifetime – The World’s Greatest Destination”. 420.000 Visitors come to see the dwellings (ca. 600 houses) every year. We also have a Museum.

Where is Mesa Verde?

You can find Mesa Verde in Colorado near the Four Corner Monument. For a site plan look to the back site.
When can you visit us?

You can visit the ruins from 8 o’clock a.m. to sunset. $5 per car. We will welcome you the whole year and seven days a week.

The experience of a visitor!

Interviewer: Mr. Büttner, you visited the Mesa Verde National Park, didn’t you?
Büttner: Yes, I did.
Interviewer: What’s your whole impression of those cliff dwellings?
Büttner: I think it’s really fantastic what the Native Americans have done there so many years ago. They’ve chiseled the dwellings out of the cliffs with their own hands. This is a spectacularly work.
Interviewer: How many dwellings did you visit.
Büttner: Unfortunately only two ones: the Balcony House and the Spruce Tree House.
Interviewer: And which one did you find most interesting?
Büttner: I can’t really decide. But I think the Balcony House was a little bit larger and so more complex.
Interviewer: How did you get there?
Büttner: I toured around the USA by car and during the tour I came to Mesa Verde.
Interviewer: And how did your tour through the park work?
Büttner: Right at the beginning there was a too fat lady who wasn’t allowed to take part in the tour. Later you will understand it.
So we walked to the Balcony House. Our guide told us something about the fire places and houses and about the style of building. During he talked we could walk around the Balcony House. It’s really fantastic. You have to see it with your own eyes. The ceiling was so good rounded that that no water could run in. Like a good can.
The dwellings are separated from one another by little tunnel-like passages – lesser than 3 ft. in diameter – were you have to crouch or really closely together standing walls. There you had to go with you back to wall. That’s the reason why the fat lady wasn’t allowed to take part. So we went on to the Spruce tree house. It was a similar procedure. Then we went over a rope ladder to the top. That was it.
Interviewer: You’re right – a really exciting tour. I think you can just recommend it!
Büttner: Yeah!


In the year 550 AD the Anaszi, a group of hunters and collectors like the European people in the stone age, came to the region of Mesa Verde (Spanish for green table) and found the first little villages of pit houses. Later in the year 750 AD the Anaszi built stone dwellings. These dwellings were built on the ground. Sometimes they were three floors high. From the 12. century to the 14. century the Anaszi had their best time. In the 13. century the Anaszi built without a known reason the cliff dwellings which make Mesa Verde famous now. In the 14. century the Anaszi left Mesa Verde because there was a dry season and the Anaszi couldn’t find enough food.
1888 the brothers Richard and Alfred Wetherill discovered a few cliff houses and the first archeological researches began. 1906 Mesa Verde became to a National Park. UNESCO helped since 1978.
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Brochure: Mesa Verde
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