– report about Denver – The Mile High City
– 4 years ago trip through the USA
o landscape Minnesota similar to Mecklenburg
o Colorado, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore
– History:
o only 140 years old
o city was built from gold diggers
o they didn’t find much gold
o capital of Colorado since 1861
o survived frontier disasters of fire and flood
o always rebuilding better than before
– 1900; 100,000 residents
– 2000; 480,000 residents (like Leipzig)
– but around Denver 1,500,000 residents
– HQ of many companies
– many malls
– Schools:
o Metropolitan Stage College 12,000
o Regis University 10,150
o University of Colorado 10,000
o Teikyo Loretto Heights College 8,600
o Community College of Denver ???
o several theological schools
– when you are on the way to Denver you are driving through prairies without an end
– suddenly the city is in front of you
– 2 lanes become 4 to 5 lanes
– and you see a big skyline
– the big skyscrapers with these mirror glasses aren’t only in Manhattan – in Denver, too
– prehistoric museum – 5th biggest
o many, big and complete skeletons
o much information
– Streets:
o east-west: avenue
o north-south: normal streets
– unfortunately only one day

Report about Denver
Wissen verdoppelt sich, wenn man es teilt.
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