Yesterday an infant had been found at the bank of Main, Frankfurt.
The boy only lived one day, because his mother, probably a minor who tried to keep her pregnancy secret , stuffed her baby into a sport bag and threw it into the river.

The police is at a loss why the she did not put her baby into a baby flap but that is not the only case where an innocent newborn is abandoned by its mother.

„If you are watching the news you always hear about dead children. They aren‘t only thrown into a river, they are also put into the freezer or
simply starve because their parents don‘t want them.“ says police chief Charlie Swan. „When we find them we always try to figure out who the
mother is but we aren‘t always sucessful. Then they are cremated and
eventually buried in a mass grave, forever nameless.“
A lot of people are horrified and trying to understand what drives women to abandon babies.

One of these is the house wife and mother Alice Cullen. She was
standing in the kitchen preparing dinner when a news report about an newborn thrown out of the window by its mother came on TV. She is of the opinion that the problem is that a lot of teenage mothers are not supported by their parents and so they don‘t see another back door than to abandon their child.

Article, Mother abandons baby
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