Short Stories

→ fictional text
– take place on one
– focuses on a single event
– open/sudden ending
– setting: 1-2 characters
– mainly about one person/protagonist/main character

narrative perspective

first-person narrator

– interior monologue
→ first-person narrator presents a train of thoughts or stream of consciousness
– first person as a main character/protagonist
– as an observer
→ the narrator is an observer rather than a major character as he/she can also be a
minor character in the story
– the narrator is the main character of the story and presents the story through his/her


first sentence → author, title, text type, main idea/theme of the text
– short paragraphs summing uo the major arguments
Use: – your own words
– present tense
Leave out: -non essential information
– quotations
– own ideas/opinion

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