The influence of modern media on private and business communication
It is a good known fact that increasingly people use modern media to communicate with others. But how does this affects private and business communication?
Regarding private communication there are many advantages but also disadvantages. Advantages can be seen in terms like speed and comfort, one example: If people want to know at what time they meet their friends they just call or text them no matter of where they are. So it is not necessary to cover a long distance for simple questions.
Moreover, people can easier get and keep in touch with others all over the world so it promotes international friendship. Distance does not separate people anymore.
But there are also disadvantages concerning modern media: In some cases modern media replace the interaction between people. When they just send a text message instead of talking to each other they cannot express all the things normally said in body language and the interpersonal relationship gets lost.
Another disadvantage is the danger of getting addicted to modern media: Studies show a rising number of people, especially adolescents and young adults who cannot live without it anymore. It is also very unhealthy particularly for kids to only sit in front of their phones or TV’s instead of playing outside with their friends.
Looking at business communication there are positive and negative aspects as well. On one hand there are advantages like people can do trade and money transfers all over the world or manage a big company from their living room. In many jobs people have also the opportunity to work at home because in urgent matters they just call and the home workers can split up their time however it fits to them.
On the other hand there are also some disadvantages because by having a mobile phone employees are in a state of constant readiness. That means that their free time can get disturbed at any time and in worst case they never have real free time.
Another big problem is the danger of getting spyed. Through the internet people can get hacked by nearly everyone. Maybe it is just the boss who wants to know what his employees do at work but it could also be another company which wants some secret information or the NSA itself.
As you can see modern media influences every part of communication in positive and negative ways. But I think that the possibility of exchanging ideas with so many people is a big advantage which compensates most of the negative aspects. So in my opinion modern media has a mostly beneficial effect on our lives and our communication.

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Modern Media Essay
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