A mobile phone is a phone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area.
The development of the mobile phone startet in 1926 with a phone service in trains of the german empire train.
The first mobil calls were possible over in cars mounted divices, called car phones, in 1946.
In germany the first car phones were available in 1958. The devices were very big because of the used vacuum tubes. The devices cost about 50 % of the cars cost.
The first handheld mobile cell phone was demonstrated by Motorola in 1973 by Martin Cooper and his team.
Cooper made the first mobile phone call at the 3. April 1973. He called his rival at the Bell Labs.
Since 1974 there is the B-network in Austria.
In 1983 Motorola presented the first mobile phone the „Dynatac 8000x“ .
In 2007, Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone, one of the first mobile phones to use a multi-touch interface. The iPhone was notable for its use of a large touchscreen for direct finger input as its main means of interaction, instead of a stylus, keyboard, or keypad typical for smartphones at the time.
2008 saw the release of the first phone to use Android called the HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1).
Android is an open-source platform founded by Andy Rubin and backed by Google.
At the beginning of Android it was not popular and very slow, it startet to fget popular in 2010, and now dominates the market.
At the 3rd November Android released a new Android version Android 5. The two biggest changes are the material design and the system is much more encoded now.
The most common Mobile operating systems are: Android, IOS and Windows Phone.

Mobile Phone
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