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An argumentative essay about the pros and cons of a legalization of cannabis
Nowadays the topic cannabis is getting more and more popular. The thinking of the population about the substance is changing and the interest in the legalization is a raising factor. As a result of that many states and countries are talking about a legalization of this plant and in some coun-tries it’s already legal, like in the Netherlands or in Colorado. Therefore, I want to clarify the posi-tive and negative aspects a legalization would imply.
On the one hand, you must say there will be negative aspects with the legalization of cannabis. We would literally provide our population another drug which they can consume, and harm them self with. We already have enough people which are addicted to drugs that are legal to acquire like alcohol or nicotine. A legalization would signalize people which never smoked weed that it isn’t that bad, because it’s legal. If it is illegal people are kind of scared about it because it’s against the law. Accordingly, it would be a protection against negative effects of cannabis. It’s not completely proven that cannabis is harmless and no gateway drug. It can lead to personality changes and the use can develop an addiction. These points are approved with the legalization.
However, the legalization is not as bad as it may seem, because the plant offers many positive ef-fects which we can’t use with the illegal status of it. We know that it would be positive for the household of the country, because we can gain money with the marihuana market. The law could strictly regulate that the marihuana market is led by the government which brings money in and create more jobs in general. For example, in Colorado the legalization brought in around 60 mil-lion Dollars in just one year. Another point you have to keep in mind is that cannabis is less toxic than other drugs which are legal like alcohol or nicotine. It’s statistically proven that marihuana is significant less dangerous for your body and organism than the drugs we already legalized. It’s not the right way to allow people something which will harm them but forbid and punish others which are consuming something that doesn’t harm their body. Everyday hundreds of people are dying because of substances that are legal, but there is not even one record about a person who died just of marihuana consume. With the legalization, it’s possible to regulate the behaviour of everyone to prevent bad aspects which are not even proven that they exist like the personality changes. In contrast to the avoidable existing negative aspects for your body we can’t sue the medical application. Cannabis has such big potential in our modern medicine, because it can help in many different health situations and it’s not even completely discovered for what it all could be used for. As an example it shrinks aggressive tumours, which could be an important success in the development of cancer research. It also reduces nearly every form of seizures like epilepsy. Cannabis can also be used to reduce spasticity in suffers of multiple sclerosis. And it helps with depressions and anxiety. We already have many patients which are allowed to consume cannabis because of their health condition, why shouldn’t we allow everyone to use the potential of this organic plant.
The hardest facts come with numbers. As an example of comparison we got 2 different drugs in Germany, one is changing the awareness, got 1.8 million of addicts, kills 74.000 people yearly and is legal. On the other hand we got a drug that changes the awareness, got 300.000 of addicts, kills zero people yearly and is illegal. The first one is alcohol, the second cannabis. And these facts are only from Germany! Seems like some of the 1.8 million are sitting in the Bundestag.
All in all, you can say that the legalization of cannabis would bring more positive effects then negative ones. It could help in so many ways and bring our knowledge of medicine to another level. We also can see that it is already working and doesn’t bring negative aspects with it, be-cause marihuana is legal in the previously mentioned states like Colorado or the Netherlands. They already live many years with the legalization.
So legalize cannabis for the greater good of all!

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Argumentive Essay about the legalization of cannabis
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