Outback are called Australian regions situated far away of the civilization. It covers almost three quarters of the surface of Australia. The Northern Territory belongs partly to the Outback as well as Western Australia and parts of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.
No rain falls for years in wide areas of the extremely dry outback of West Australia. The most visited places by tourist are the rain forests on the north of Australia, some other places are the cockatoo’s national park and the deserts of the Red Centre with the Uluru-Kata-Tjuta-Nationalpark, in the middle of the famous Uluru is the Ayers Rock.

There are less asphalted streets or named highways in the outback.
Gas station, supermarket, workshop, bank, post, motel and pub are frequently in a single house called the Roadhouse.
• The children get correspondence course on radio (School of the Air) and Internet, in a emergency the have to call the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).
The real outback are the communities off the centres and self-sufficiency-farms. The word “outback” is also very often applied on the radio to call the surrounding countryside of bigger cities with the travel news.


Australian deserts are the third-biggest wild area of the world, it has the size of
1.560.000 km² (square kilometres). The biggest sandy desert of Australia has the size of Germany (the big Victoria desert). Most of it is uninhabited. The Australian deserts are composed
of the
• Big Victoria’s desert in south Australia and west Australia
• Big sandy desert in west Australia
• Gibson desert also in west Australia
• Simpson desert in central Australia
• Sturt in south east Australia
• Tanami desert in north Australia

70% of the country of Australia are deserts and semi-deserts.
The continent has his own Flora, the “Flora australis”. There are about 20.000
different botanical species. Most of the botanical variety grows only in Australia, about 90%. The Australian citizens call the Outback often the Red Centre. The temperatures increases up to 50 ° C (degrees) in the summer months.
The Outback, which covers parts of Queensland is, however, mostly untouched tropical rain forest. Australian deserts weren’t always this big. There was a time were the areas were closly forested. But then the Aborigines burned ( Brandrodung gemeint) most of the plants and the at that time ecisting Fauna. This was one of first naturecatastrophe caused by the humans. At that time they probably were the cause that some unknown animal species died out.

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Australia (Outback and deserts)
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