The Great Gatsby Essay - in Englisch

  • Titel: The Great Gatsby Essay - in Englisch
  • Autor: Joelle Darnai
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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a book about a man called Gatsby who is
obsessed with a woman called Daisy. Although she’s married he tries everything to get her
attention and to get her back. The story is told by a friend of Gatsby, Nick. Nick is his only
real friend and he only one who still stays to him until the bitter end, Gatsby’s death, even
though he changes his mind about Mr Gatsby many times in the book.
“Did Gatsby deserve what he got?,” I don’t think that Mr. Gatsby deserved what he
got, although he seemed really mysterious and really not sympathetic in the beginning.
However, as one reads on one’s opinion about him will probably change just like Nick’s and
my did. Maybe Mr. Gatsby made a lot of mistakes during his life, some bigger and some
smaller, but “The one who’s without mistakes shall threw the first stone.”
Nobody deserves to die even if he/she made a lot of mistakes during his/her life and
Mr. Gatsby made many , but he also did some good things like giving a house for his poor
father (p. 181) or gave the parties and ignoring that those people sometimes even destroyed
some of his things. Although he threw the parties to attract Daisy’s attention and to have a
more likely chance to meet her, it was still a good thing because he could have tried it in
worse ways.

I think there were many complicated and tangled relationships between the
characters. Those tangled relationships were probably one of the reasons for Gatsby’s death.
Daisy’s husband who had a love affair with Myrtle, the wife of Wilson, the car mechanic, was
beside his anger about Gatsby’s obsession for his wife, probably also very upset about
Myrtle’s death. He felt like he lost both of the women he loves. That was probably also a
factor why he thought Gatsby rode over Myrtle with his own car, although it was his wife. He
also would have told Wilson it was Gatsby even if he would have known it was his wife.

Mr. Gatsby is a really interesting character. He is one of these kind of guys who would
do really anything for the ones they love which has a lot of positive, but also many negative
aspects. He even gets in a shady business to earn enough money but buy all those expensive
things and to throw those huge parties, and all that just to impress one woman, Daisy. He’s a
very loyal and ambitious guy that he didn’t stop trying to get her even though she’s married
and has a daughter. One can see those two thing as a negative aspect, and as stalking,
maybe it is, but if you would find your true love what would you do? Just accept that
she’s/he’s married with a man/woman with who she/he is not happy with, or would you try
everything to get her? I just can answer this question for myself not for anyone else, but I
would try the second one.
I don’t even think one can say if Mr. Gatsby was a good or bad person. He had some
really good characteristics: he was generous, well-travelled, hardworking, a great host,
passionate etc. However, as everyone he also had some of the qualities nobody wants to
admit about oneself, but imagine a perfect world where everybody is always nice and does
always the right thing, how boring would such a “perfect” world be?! I wouldn’t like to live in
such a world, I don’t mean with that, that I support war or unfriendliness, what I mean is
that people will become bored of such a world after some time. At the moment people are
complaining how bad our world is, but if our world would be perfect they would start to
complain about that which simply shows that people are never pleased with what the have
or earn.

Mr Gatsby was a man, who knew what he want and who did everything for it. He
tried it in a false way, but I don’t think someone should punish someone who’s trying to get
his real love back. He was a good guy.



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