The Lady in White Analyse/Interpretation

  • Titel: The Lady in White Analyse/Interpretation
  • Autor: Katharina
  • Beschreibung: Eine ANalyse und Interpretation auf englisch zu "The Lady in White"
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The lady in white
Written by Collin Campbell

The characters:

John: John is a very successful TV producer; he is the husband of Rachel
Jenny: Jenny is John’s assistant
Rachel: John’s wife
Patrick: John’s son

John is a famous TV producer, living in London. He would like to make a new program on television which is about mysterious stories. His assistant Jenny find out something about a mysterious story, which is told by three men, who speak exactly from the same things. It is a woman, dressed in white, which is hitch-hiking (per Anhalter fahren) and which is standing at the side of the road. When somebody let her in her car she begins to cry and at the end of the drove she begin to scream and start to pull the car, so that it is moving from side to side and the driver is loosing control. At the end there is almost an accident and the lady in white disappears. John is very afraid, because he finds out that the story and the things that have happened in his life are very similar (for example he had met his wife Rachel by hitch-hiking too). John becomes worried about Rachel and his little son Patrick, that’s why he goes with them to Ireland for one week, where he had spent his first holiday with Rachel and where they want to celebrate Patrick’s first birthday. But at night John gets bad dreams and he has fear to loose his family. So they stay another week in Ireland. Then they drive at home. John wants to find out what’s going on with his life and with the mysterious hitch-hiker. So he drives to the place, where he met Rachel the first time and as the lady in white don’t come he returns there three nights to find out, who’s the lady in white….

My own opinion:
I found this book very exiting, because it has a lot of tension and I could read it very quickly. It is easy to understand and I would recommend it to all people who would like to read a good and entertain English book. I think that it isn’t a book for people who don’t like novels which are written with a lot of fantasy, because the theme isn’t very realistic but it has a lot of emotions and you could believe really well into the characters of the different persons.



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