The End of the British Empire - India's Independence

  • Titel: The End of the British Empire - India's Independence
  • Autor: anonym
  • Beschreibung: Ein Vortrag über Das Ende des British Empires / A presentation about the end ofe the british empire.
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The End of the British Empire - India's Independence

1.1612-1947: Overview about the Indian Colony

In 1612 the ruler Jahangir allowed to construct the first trading post in Surat. Britain ruled India after the war against French(1756-1763) and Portugal(1612). They expanded their territory in India and surrounding countries like Birma by their military or by extort the sovereigns. The Indian Rebellion of 1857 caused the end of the British empire and independence of India.
2.Beginning of the resistance against the British
First Resistance was the Indian Rebellion. The resistance was caused by the poorness, which was ascribed to the act of the British. The British didn't boost the Indian industry. The Indian Rebellion of 1857 started near Delhi in May 1857 and spread over the whole north continent. The Sepoy, who were the main causer of the rebellion, concentrated in Delhi by Bahadur Shah II, the king of the Mongol empire. Delhi and other important cities in the north of India were taken by the Sepoy. 1858 the Sepoy-rebellion was cut down cruelly by the loyal British-Indian Sikhs troops.

3.1885-1918: Foundation of INC(Indian National Congress) and All Indian Muslim League in order to stop the British dominance

The resistance was mainly led by the elite of Indian, which study in Europe. In 1858 the Hindus founded the INC in Pona. As Britain wanted to divide Bengali Bengal nationalists started cruel excesses against the British. In 1906 the All Indian Muslim League was founded. They had different views concerning their goals to INC, which caused some hostilities.

4.Mahatma Gandhi´s Join in the Indian independence movement

In 1918 Mahatma Gandhi joined to the independence movement and was against the caste system. He supported the fusion of Hindus and Moslems against Britain. Gandhi abominated violence and was the leader of a peaceful rebellion. In 1922 Gandhi was first arrested by the British because of that. In 1930 Gandhi led the Salt March against the British salt tax in colonial India. Gandhi was again arrested, that caused multiple excesses in big cities. In 1935 Birma was separated form India. India fought in the Second World War and applied furtherances because of that. After the war against Germany Britain wanted to give it independence. The war costs India about 12 milliards of Dollar. In 1945 India became a member of the UNO and the negotiation between British Hindus and Muslims ended with the solution that India became independent in February 1947. India was divided in Pakistan and India. At the 30th of January 1948 Gandhi was shot and killed by a radical Hindu.

From 1947 to 1964 the power was in hand of the Nehrus family for 3 generations. Pakistan and India has been fighting against themselves because of their different religions.



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