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Eastbourne-Englischreferat 19.01.2011

General information about Eastbourne
-is a seaside resort and belongs to the county East Sussex
-it has a size of 44,16 square kilometres
-Eastbourne has 97,992 inhabitants
-it’s the second-biggest town in East Sussex
-Eastbourne is the city with the most sun hours and calls itself ‘‘The Sunshine Coast’’

The Name:
-The name Eastbourne derives from the river Bourne, which flows through the city
- Today you can hardly see the river because it was more and more channeled until today.
There’s a little part at the source of Motcombe Gardens you’re still able to see the Bourne
-In the end oft he 13th Century the prefix ‘’east’’ was added, probably to distinguish it from the city Bourne in the west
- 1717 historicans discovered a roman bath and parts of a roman pavement around today’s pier
-today you can still find buildings from the middle age, for example the Saint Mary’s church and the manor house ‘’Bourne Place’’, today called ‘’Compton House’’ , which were built in the 14th century
-when Eastbourne was connected to the railway network in the 19th century, it became a popular seaside resort

-Eastbourne’s main source of income is the tourism, that’s why eastbourne has 4 theatres and many museums and parks
-many people come there to improve their English
-on the pier, there’s a games room and a disco
-the waterfront is lined with hotels and guest houses, but there are no shops because Peregrine Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire, had forbid to convert the hotels on the seaside
-Eastbourne is a popular scene for movies or television series, for example the youth film ‚‘Angus, thongs and perfect snogging‘‘ and the series ‘’Little Britain’’

Famous sights:
-The Eastbourne Pier
It’s 300 meters long and it’s building cost 15000 £
On 18 April 1866 the work began
It was finished in 1972
-The chalk cliffs of Beachy Head
there was a sea battle in the 1690’s where the Netherlands and England fighted against France
in the sea near Beachy Head is a 43 meters high lighthouse
is a popular place for people to commit suicide



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